Soham international school


Education with Values

Soham International School is a complete school catering from pre-nursery to senior secondary level. The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi (Affiliation No. 1730765) having the following academic features. 


We value working according to the guidance of our elders even though sometimes one thinks it to be outdated.


We value the rights and feelings of all the people within our community.


We can be trusted to carry out tasks independently and take control of our own actions.


We can be counted upon to be just and truthful in all our efforts, without fear or favor.


Collaboration replaces competition – the individual effort is encouraged and collective effort is celebrated.


Beyond mere words and images of information, knowledge is passed on in a manner that ignites a passion for lifelong learning.

Soham International School aims to be a popular, successful, oversubscribed, and well-established school that has an excellent reputation for serving its students and community very well.

Making a Difference

Soham International School aims to have the advantage of a stable and well-qualified staff with proven expertise in educating youngsters. The school keeps a central focus on teaching and learning, and our examination results aim to be consistently good. Standards of behavior are high and great emphasis is placed upon ensuring that lessons take place in a calm and positive learning environment.


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