Welcome to the world of “SOHAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL”, where learning is a continuous process of individual expression, creative thinking, positive attitude, development of good habits, and most importantly a questioning mind. 

We believe that attitudes towards life and learning are both formed in early childhood. The content of the education of a young child greatly determines his mindset and ultimately his future success.

 Teachers here are not mere instructors but facilitators and guides, whose aim is to prepare children to successfully face a constantly changing and challenging world outside the classroom. Child-centered, logic and application-based, well-planned lessons with sufficient stress on co-curricular activities and sports for physical well being under the personal supervision of the Principal are offered to ensure a high quality of education.

 The role of education at the Soham International School is to bring out the individuality latent within each child – to polish and redefine each rock until it shines like a gem.

 With best wishes

 Mr. R.C. Sharma



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